Our mission is to help your business save revenue
Our Company

Alchemedia Solutions has been operating in Australia since November 2002.
Alchemedia Solutions, aims to offer its customers true and personal business relationship as well as competitive products and services to help them reach their business goals and save for our customers valuable time and money.

We work closely with our customers to understand and exceed their needs and we are committed to treating each customer as a VIP providing
them with true information and facts about us and our services. What you see is what you get.
Our vision is to become Australia’s true business inspiration for quality and cost effective outcomes

What we offer

1.    We specialise in projects between 1-25 million
2.    End to end solution design and analysis for IT projects including HR, Identity management, CRM, Payroll, Data driven solutions, data migrations and mapping, telecommunication products
3.    More than 15 years’ experience in Project Management, technical and business documentation
4.    Project implementation and end to end product testing
5.    More than 20 years team experience working for large Telcos, Banking and the public sector including non-profit organisations
6.    Working with clients to develop solutions focusing on media design, end-user application development, implementation of CRM systems, websites and customer interfacing platforms
7.    20 years’ experience managing and implementing telco and IT companies’ revenue recognition, revenue leakage, billing, call detailed record review and analysis as well as implementation of large tailored billing plans for Corporate and Government customers

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Our business case

Alchemedia Solutions utilises accumulated years of expertise to deliver results that will save your business revenue.
Depending of your business size we are very comfortable to claim that we ‘ll expose 99 percent of all your revenue leakage issues.

Recent surveys completed by KPMG and Ernest & Young identifed that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in mature markets such as Australia are losing 1-3 percent of their gross revenue due to lack of proper Revenue Assurance whereas CSPs in less mature environments such as Africa & Middle East are losing upwards of 10 percent. Almost all executives taking part in the KPMG survey think that revenue leakage will increase and it will be by a significant amount.